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Shake Shack Copycat Says His Burgers Don't Cause Bloating

Side by side menus via AHT

Yesterday, A Hamburger Today noticed that a new Harlem burger shop took a page, literally, from the Danny Meyer handbook when creating its menu. The website featured a picture of a Shake Shack Shackburger (now taken down) while the menu descriptions were taken verbatim from the established chain's version. When reached for comment the owner of the new burger spot, called Milk Burger, blamed an intern for the website's similarities and denied any knowledge of the plagiarism, even though he told AHT recently that they're "basically exactly the same as the Shake Shack, except we've got chicken, cheaper prices, and we deliver."

Said the owner to DNA Info, "It's exciting to even be compared to a giant like [Danny Meyer]," which is amusing, given the reason he's being compared to Meyer. He goes on to note the differences between his burger and the Shack's: "The biggest difference is that it doesn't cause the bloating that the Shack Burger has." The Shake Shack folks may want to have a word with this gentleman once they're done opening up in Westport, CT today.
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Milk Burger

2056 2nd Ave., New York, NY