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We're All In The Bathtub At The New Speakeasy Bathtub Gin

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It may be roof bar season, but let's take a break from all of the outdoor fun to focus on the opening of Bathtub Gin, a new basement speakeasy whose entrance is hidden inside a 9th Avenue coffee shop with a bathtub in the window (see picture). According to the early intel, guests should look for the fake wall with the red light to find the door to the bar. Once you make it past the second line of defense, guests will find a 1920's era bar decorated with "a copper-colored ceiling, fringe-covered lamps, nailhead-tucked bar stools" and, wait for it, a giant bathtub in the middle of the room. In case all of this is too complicated for you to follow, Bathtub Gin also has a Twitter and Facebook account and is working on a website, all of which run counter to the best way to create a hotspot.
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Bathtub Gin

132 9th Ave., New York, NY