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Activists Outraged by Do or Dine's Foie Gras Doughnuts

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Do or Dine's inbox

Last week, Gothamist reported that Do or Dine, a new Bed-Stuy restaurant headed up by alums from The Modern, were serving up $11 foie gras doughnuts. And, no surprises here, those animal rights activists, the kinds of people that like to protest in front of Per Se and Momofuku and Raoul's of all places, are not pleased! Writes one blogger on, "One recent Do or Dine diner called the restaurant "heaven," but foie gras donuts mean a real-life hell for birds." She started this petition asking the restaurant to stop serving the, let's be honest, pretty gimmicky snack, and 665 people have signed on. Meanwhile, co-owner Justin Warner tells Eater his inbox has been flooded with emails—hundreds in the 24 hours after the activist's post went up—from people who signed the petition (see above).

For what it's worth, this counter petition demanding the restaurant keep serving the doughnuts has 44 signatures. Warner tells Gothamist that he's not committed to keeping any item on the menu, as it changes pretty often.
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Do or Dine

1108 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216

Do or Dine

1108 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY