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DOH Found 850 Flies at Mars Bar, Regulars Hold Vigil

As mentioned early yesterday evening, East Village dive bar and relative old-timer Mars Bar closed for good yesterday afternoon following a particularly bad Department of Health inspection. According to Runnin' Scared, the DOH found "850 fruit flies in various areas of the restaurant and in a bottle of alcohol" as well as "conditions conducive to a pest infestation." These findings will surprise, oh, about no one.

At around 8 PM last night, neighbors and regulars held a candlelight vigil of sorts for the bar, as many stopped in to collect art work. It will be demolished to make way for a shiny new condo project.
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Mars Bar

25 E 1st Street, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website

Mars Bar

25 East 1st St., New York, NY