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8 Year-Old DJ Arson Throws Down At SubMercer

Move over Ruth Flowers, because New York's hottest new DJ is proving once again that DJing is a young person's game. When we say young, we mean really young. Young enough to put Jesus Luz to shame. That's right, New York's most in demand DJ for Fashion Week will most likely be 8 year old DJ Arson, who made his introduction to nightlife society when he hosted a birthday bash for himself at SubMercer. Arson's (aka Fulano Librizzi) party had celebrities, pizza, cake, and his friends turning the stripper pole into a firehouse pole, while everyone boogied to his favorite funk and soul tracks. So what does DJ Arson want to get out of the DJ game? He tells the Post, "I want to do big parties and get a lot of money for it. I'm saving my money to buy a lot of things that are expensive." Looks like the little man has already got it all figured out.
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47 Mercer St., New York, NY 10012