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Sara Jenkins Envisions New Meat Restaurant, Falafel Stand

In a new video, chef Sara Jenkins talks to the Amateur Gourmet about the difficulties opening Porsena, sending 300 porchetta sandwiches to Afghanistan, the trouble with charity events, and her methods for cooking dried pasta. She also shares her plans for the future:

I have two fantasies. One is a meat restaurant. Because this is so pasta-centric, I'd like to sort of do a central Italian restaurant that focuses on Umbria and Tuscany which has this incredible meat culture. Homemade sausages and pork chops, stuff like that. Sort of flip the Porsena idea around. I'm really interested in expanding Porchetta. And then my totally secret fantasy is to do a Lebanese restaurant...I'd do like what I did with Porchetta, I'll take over a falafel stand and make it really really good.
Jenkins has mentioned expanding Porchetta, possibly to Williamsburg or the Upper West Side, before, and she's made mention of this Lebanese fantasy. Hopefully all those plans and the meat-centric place will be in the works soon.
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