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NYC's First Steak 'n Shake to Open Next to Ed Sullivan Theater

Yesterday, news broke that Steak 'n Shake, the beloved Midwestern burger chain and the supposed inspiration from hometown hero Shake Shack, is opening a Manhattan branch. And now an insider close to the deal, which was signed back in April, tells us where: 1695 Broadway, right next to the Ed Sullivan Theater, the home of Late Night with David Letterman. Translation, it's located in the sixth layer of Midtown tourist hell. And it just so happens that it will be a primo lunch spot for plenty of Midtown officer workers, sitting 10 blocks away from a Shake Shack that's been doing gangbusters business since its debut.

Those who are familiar with the area will remember this location was the home to Omido, a Japanese restaurant designed by the AvroKo team. It was supposed to reopen as Happy Face, a casual spot focusing on Japanese noodles and eight variations of steamed buns, back in 2009, but that never panned out. Oh well, burger and shakes for all!
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[Photo via Flickr/roggercummings]

Steak 'n Shake

1695 Broadway, New York, NY