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Travertine to Take Food in New Direction After Relaunch

Word broke last week that Travertine had closed for a mysterious summer vacation, something that normally spells major changes at any restaurant. Despite that hunch, operator Danae Cappelletto said that the restaurant would definitely be reopening after the short break. And according to an interview by Steve Lewis, it will relaunch with XIX head man Ruben Rivera running the show. Lewis says that Cappelletto's "considerable talents didn’t seem to translate to this location," adding that "she was a talented square peg trying to squeeze into an unforgiving round hole." So what's the plan?

Rivera tells Lewis that Travertine is going through a complete change, saying "we’re going in a different direction with the menu. I really want to give people in the downtown community what they want—quality, great tasting, well-prepared comfort food." Of course that's what downtown has been clamoring for! And to serve this clientele that is desperate for comfort food, the restaurant will stay open late so everyone can stay and eat late. No word on when the new Travertine will reopen.
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