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Get Dirty (And Maybe Sick) In Gansevoort Hotel's Roof Pool

Years of hosting successful pool parties packed with Axe body spray covered bo hunks and coconut oil covered wannabe Snookies helped bump the Gansevoort Hotel's once trendy rooftop pool club into one of New York's worst outdoor drinking spots, but who could imagine these revelers would turn the pool into a real danger zone? An investigation of six pools by the New York Post revealed that the Gansevoort Hotel's water was by far the filthiest, testing positive for coliform bacteria and a high nitrate count and high sodium level, indicating that the guests were using the pool as a toilet. It seems people that pay $300 just to spend a summer weekend day at the pool feel entitled to go wherever they want, and lucky for the hotel, it's a safe bet that a little dookie in the pool probably won't keep their customers away.
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Hotel Gansevoort

18 9th Ave., New York, NY