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New York Drops Cheap Eats Guide, Zeroing In on Queens

New York Magazine's annual Cheap Eats issue hits stands today, offering its usual list of the best new inexpensive (Arancini Bros.) to moderate (Porsena with its $17 pasta, Queens Kickshaw and its $10 grilled cheeses) restaurants to open this year and a new look at the culinary landscape of Queens. In this Queens section, the mag offers the Robs' list of the borough's top 20 restaurants, a mini-profile on food world hotspot M. Wells, suggests a Flushing Mall food crawl, discusses the emergence of Henanese fare, highlights five old school res sauce joints, and mentions a new sticky Chinese dessert called ba si. Perhaps after the food truck feature last year, there's not much to be said about affordable eating in Manhattan.

They also publish a consumer price index, comparing the prices for common foodstuffs (Shake Shack burgers, Gray's Papaya dogs, a slice at Di Fara) in 2009 and 2011—Keste's margherita pie is the only item to hold steady—a slideshow of turkey sandwiches, and guide to good outdoor eats.
· Cheap Eats 2011 [NYM]

M. Wells Diner

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