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Mind Your Things While In Le Bain's Hot Tub

Le Bain's infamous hot tub has proven itself as a place where anything can happen from day one. That mostly means young men and women deciding to take some or all of their clothes off for a splishy splash in the tub. But for one unlucky customer, their dip in the tub wasn't all fun and games and nudity. It wound up costing them their personal possessions, and they would like them back, taking to Craigslist to write:

To whoever stole my iPhone and credit cards at le Bain on Tuesday,

I was in the jacuzzi, trying not to stress over next month's rent, and you were on the couch, I imagine, delicately sliding my phone and credit cards out of my jeans.Thank you for leaving my ID.

Feel free to leave the phone and cards at my door sometime--anonymously of course. You know where I live.

Tough break, although we're not sure that the victim's motivation for getting into the tub was stress relief over making rent. Anyway, let's have some more respect for each other people and not sully the reputation of something as sacred at Le Bain's tub.
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Le Bain

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