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Sam Talbot Calls Sifton's Goose Egg Review 'Venom'

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On Tuesday afternoon, Sam Sifton launched a grenade of a goose egg review in the general direction of folk rock-loving chef Sam Talbot and his restaurant Imperial No. 9. (For a rundown of the worst lines, including "It can be awful there," see here.)

Last night, Talbot made his first comment, post-review, on Twitter: "that wasn't a restaurant review it was venom. If you happen to be speaking of the times.." He was responding to friend @RichardBlais' tweet: "I think I just read the worst restaurant review ever..." He also retweeted a fan that called Sifton a "hater" and his review "criminal."
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Imperial No. 9

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Imperial No. 9

9 Crosby St., New York, NY