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McDonald's Pulls Ads After Offending Far Rockaway

Man, multinational corporations need to think twice before offending the delicate sensibilities of far-flung urban neighborhoods. After a Queens councilman demanded a letter of apology, McDonald's pulled its subway ads for coffee with the tag line "To Not Falling Asleep and Ending Up in Far Rockaway (Unless Of Course You Live There)." Sayeth the congressman, "I'm glad that McDonald's understands clowning around at the expense of a community is not funny." But, sir, if someone were to fall asleep on the A train, they might just end up in Far Rockaway. Facts are facts. Perhaps Micky D's should have gone with the less sensitive neighborhoods of Canarsie, Coney Island, or Pelham Bay Park.

For those who have an opinion on the fake controversy, NY1's wonderful Pat Kiernan is polling his Twitter followers about it.
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