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Eater Kid Critics Lucy & Max Enjoy Rockaway Taco

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Move over Sifton, Platt, and Sietsema—meet Lucy and Max, a brother and sister team that twice monthly assess the restaurants of New York for Eater. Lucy is seven years-old and Max is five.


The calendar says we're still in the thick of spring, but take a walk outside in New York City today and it is undoubtedly summer. Which is why it's a perfect time for Eater's pint-sized restaurant reviewers to head out to Rockaway Beach to sample the offerings at snack shack Rockaway Taco. Click through to find out whether the kids think it rules or not.

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Rockaway Taco

95-19 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Queens, NY 11693 (347) 213-7466 Visit Website

Rockaway Taco

95-19 Rockaway Beach Boulevard Rockaway Beach, NY 11693