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Tiki Bar Painkiller Gets a New Name, Terrible DOH Rating

Today The Lo-Down reports that year-old Tiki bar Painkiller was forced to change its name following a lawsuit filed by Pusser's Rum. The booze manufacturer, which has two trademarks out for cocktail mixes that use the name "Painkiller," filed the federal suit against the bar after frequent requests for a title change were refused. According to court documents, they claimed "irreparable harm to its brand, unfair competition and unfair business practices."

The bar is now called PKNY, and their signature "Painkiller cocktail" will also get a new title. They were given 45 days to turn over their web domain (, and can no longer use the word in any of their marketing or promotional materials. And as if that wasn't enough sad news, the Tiki bar also racked up an embarrassing 101 points on a recent DOH inspection, including seven "critical" violations (a C-Grade). The DOH will give them a re-inspection in the near future, as a follow up. Hopefully they'll ace that one, and we can all get back to enjoying those zombies and flaming punch bowls.
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