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Lavo's Bikini Brunch Takes Brunch Parties In Sad Direction

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There are two leading opinions about the Champagne and rose brunch parties that have become a staple of weekend afternoons at New York City clubs. Either you love nothing more than putting on your finest pastel clothing and listening to house music while downing bottle after bottle of bubbly or you think that people that do enjoy these kind of things are the worst people on earth. But there may be a some kind of third group now that Lavo has decided to up the ante on the entire brunch party industry with something they are calling the "F**k the Hamptons: Bikini Brunch" party. Now what makes it a bikini brunch party? Well, they are going to have a real lifeguard chair and beach balls! That's what we call a bikini mofo brunch! But what about those people that say "well, that sounds fun and all, but I really don't want to wear a bikini around New York City and to brunch in midtown because you know, ew?" Relax! Bikinis are optional!
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