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What Will Sam Sifton Award Sam Talbot's Imperial No. 9?

Sources reveal that Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton will file this week's review on Imperial No. 9, the sustainable seafood spot from Sam Talbot inside Soho's new Mondrian Hotel. As Sifton followers are well aware, he knows his seafood, and sustainability seems a matter of interest to the man. But will Talbot's take on it—here's the name of the boat that supplied your fish!—win over the critic? And what about that lush greenhouse-like room juxtaposed to the white, windowless back dining room?

A lot of the other critics have weighed in at this point. Adam Platt dropped a deuce on it, Cuozzo gave it two and a half, Jay Cheshes was not impressed, and Lauren Shockey called it a crapshoot. Does it merit a one, a two, more from Nifty Sifty? Vote below.

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Imperial No. 9

9 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 389-1000 Visit Website

Imperial No. 9

9 Crosby St., New York, NY