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Central Park Trades Musicians for John Fraser's Cart/Cafe

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In the Post yesterday a bunch of musicians complained that the Parks Dept. is turning the Bethesda Fountain area into a "food and booze court" and a quiet zone that restricts music. For over two years Parks has planned on turning the arcade into a concession area, but now they're cracking down on musicians who break the quiet zone rules, forcing them to take their cellos, banjos, and whatnot elsewhere.

More importantly, the piece has some details on the planned food offering! Dovetail's John Fraser will operate an 8-by-10-foot cart facing the fountain with 75 tables outside and inside. They'll serve beer, wine, sandwiches, and more (all under $10) and will pay the city either 15 percent of receipts or a set fee (whichever is higher). It's sure to have changed some in the past two years, but here's a look at chef Fraser's original plans for the cart back when he first applied for the concession back in 2009.
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Bethesda Fountain Food Cart

Terrace Drive and The Mall, New York, NY