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Shelsky's Will Serve the Jewish Answer to the Double Down

A little over a month ago, word spread that Peter Shelsky, the owner of Brooklyn-based Pete's Eats, was opening Shelsky's Smoked Fish on Smith Street, serving smoked salmon, house-pickled herring, bagels, bialys and rugelach. Kind of like the Russ & Daughters of Cobble Hill.

Today Shelsky tells Eater that he'll be soft open a week from today, June 13, with a limited menu and hours and will hold a grand opening on Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19. He also confirms some scuttlebutt about a pretty nutty sounding sandwich called the Dr. Goldstein. He writes:

You did hear correctly about the Dr. Goldstein Special (my assumption, and I think it is a pretty safe one, is that there is a cardiologist somewhere out there named Dr. Goldstein) So, this cardiologists dream sandwich is the Jewish answer to the Double-Down. It is Chopped Liver with Apple Horseradish Sauce Served between 2 Schmaltz-Fried Potato Latkes.
Sounds about right! They'll also have a full roster of more classic sandwiches, with real bread. See below to see the menu they'll eventually serve.

Cold Smoked and Cured Salmon

Eastern Gaspe Nova
Scottish Salmon
Western Wild Salmon
Irish Organic Salmon
Belly Lox
House Cured Gravlax -
House Cured Pastrami Salmon
House Pickled Salmon
Clementine and Ginger Cured Salmon
Cold Smoked Tuna
Cold Smoked Black Cod Sable
Cold Smoked Chilean Sea Bass Sable

? Herring

House Pickled in Wine Sauce
House Pickled with Cream Sauce with Onions
Schmaltz Herring Served in Real Schmaltz
Clementine and Ginger Pickled Herring
Roll Mops

? Hot Smoked

Medium Whole
Large Whole
Jumbo Whole (For holidays only or special order)
Chubs – Large Whole
Bering Cisco – Small
Trout Whole
Red Trout Filet
Fatty Kippered Salmon
Lean Kippered Salmon

? Salads – All homemade

Baked Salmon Salad
Smoked Whitefish Salad
Fancy Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad
Egg Salad
Pickled Herring Salad
Cucumber Salad
Borscht Salad

? Spreads

Plain Cream Cheese
Tofu Cream Cheese
Vegetable Cream Cheese
Scallion Cream Cheese
Lox Cream Cheese
Caviar Cream Cheese
Horseradish Cream Cheese
Chopped Liver

? Additional Counter Items

Salmon Caviar
Wasabi Tobiko
Homemade Gefilte Fish (Savory or Sweet)
Black Cod Sable
Chilean Sea Bass Sable
Crème Fraiche
Traditional Schmaltz Fried Potato Latkes
Vegetarian Fried Potato Latkes
Miniature Potato Latkes -
Miniature Sweet Potato and Celeriac Latkes
Homemade Apple Horseradish Sauce
Homemade Horseradish Crème Fraiche
Homemade Beet Horseradish
Assorted Pickles
Local Amagansett Sea Salt

Chocolate Babka (Homemade)
Traditional Raspberry Rugelach
Traditional Apricot Rugelach
Lingonberry and Toasted Spiced Pumpkin Seed Rugelach
Clementine and Ginger Rugelach
Jelly Chocolate Rings
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
Mama Ilene’s Coconut Macaroons (Plain or Chocolate Dipped)
Halvah -
Handmade Blintzes with Homemade Ricotta Cheese
Seasonal and Local Fruit Compotes
Dr. Browns Sodas – Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Cream, Diet Cream, Root Beer, Diet Root
Bear, Cel-Ray

Homemade Clementine and Ginger-ade

French Press Red Hook Blend D’Amicco Coffee

Mini Bagels
Seeded and unseeded Rye
Homemade Sourdough Schmaltz Rye
Whole wheat

Peter Shelsky – Eastern Gaspe Smoked Salmon, Scallion Cream Cheese, Sable, Pickled
Herring with Cream Sauce and Onion, Your Choice of Bialy or Bagel

The Dr. Goldstein Special – Chopped Liver and Apple Horseradish Sauce Served Between 2 Schmaltz Fried Potato Latkes

The Brooklyn Native – Eastern Gaspe Salmon, Smoked Whitefish Salad, Pickled Herring, Sour Pickle on Your Choice of Bagel or Bialy

The Brooklyn Transplant – Fatty Kippered Salmon, Apple Horseradish, Cream Cheese, Pickled Herring Salad Served on Pumpernickel Rye

The Sweet and Smokey Blintz – Crepe Rolled with Lean Kippered Salmon, Apples, and
Horseradish Crème Fraiche

Shelsky’s Pastrami – House Cured Pastrami Salmon, Mustard Herring, and Sauerkraut Served on Rye or Pumpernickel

The Member of the Tribe – Eastern Gaspe Nova, Cream Cheese, on a Bialy

· Shelsky's Smoked Fish [Official Site]
· EaterWire: Shelsky's [~ENY~]

Shelsky's Smoked Fish

251 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY