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Bread & Tulips and Shachi's Open; Nitehawk Cafe Tomorrow

1) Williamsburg: The street level restaurant connected to hot new 'Burg movie theater Nitehawk Cinema is opening this weekend. You don't have to buy a ticket to eat or drink here, but you can get the same dishes served inside the theater. Saul and Vanderbilt vet chef Saul Bolton's menu includes burgers, tacos, bangers and mash, scallop ceviche, and country pate, as well as small plates like sesame chicken wings, fried calamari, and tater tots. They also have beer, wine and a full cocktail list. Status: Cafe opening tomorrow; 136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn NY, (718) 384-3980.

2) Gramercy: "Refined-rustic" Italian joint Bread & Tulips opened for dinner Tuesday night at 365 Park Avenue South (between 26th and 27th). At the helm is chef Benjamin Lambert (of Westchester's Crabtree Kittle House), who serves dishes ranging from brick oven pizza with mushrooms, pickled ramps, wild watercress, and taleggio to handmade pasta and crostini. They're serving only dinner for now; expect a lunch menu to show up in the "late summer". Status: Certified Open; 365 Park Ave. South, 212-532-9100.

3) Union Square: Formerly known as Simply Peeled, The Soft Serve Fruit Co. opened up their new flagship store in Union Square yesterday. It's their third location, where they serve variations on a concoction known as "fruizo" ("real fruit, filtered water, and a touch of organic cane sugar", according to their website). Status: Certified Open; 212-675-0550.

4) Midtown: Flo Fab reports that after their larger Brooklyn location closed a few months ago, Shachi's Arepas To Go opened in a new Garment District location on 319 W. 35th, between 8th and 9th. Hearty, traditional Venezuelan food (arepas and empanadas are the stars here), now for the daytime crowd. Status: Certified open as of three weeks ago; 319 West 35th St., 212-695-8884.
[Photo: Gothamist]

Nighthawk Cinema Cafe

136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY