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Two Dudes Investigate Slice Price/Subway Fare Connection

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For years, New Yorkers have debated the merits of the "Pizza Principal," an economic law which states that the cost of an average NYC slice generally matches that of a subway ride. Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam, the duo behind video series Internets Celebrities, set out to get some hard facts about why, exactly, the prices generally synch up.

First they head to Tony's in downtown Brooklyn, where a pizza guy tells them:

I feel it's more of a coincidence than a fact that pizza's going up with the subway. If they raised the price to three dollars, I'm not going to say "Okay, subway's three dollars, my slice has got to go up." My slice is going to stay at $2.50, unless the cost of a slice goes up for me to make it."
Then they wait outside the MTA headquarters, and try to question workers leaving the building about the strange phenomenon... and they don't get a lot of answers. Ultimately, the duo concludes that "Maybe we're paying too much for pizza and subway rides." The video is below.

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Tony's Famous Pizzeria

409 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201