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Madame Wong's, Pop Up Clubs Finally Reach Trend Status

Image courtesy of 24 Hour Party People

After months of being the most talked about party in New York, Madame Wong's finally reaches the zenith of buzz in a New York Times Style Section piece on pop up clubs. While some like Serge Becker lament the rise of the pop up club as a comment on New York's nightlife industry overall, saying that "frankly, this is a depressing trend,” others like the artist Maripol claim that today's more corporate club scene has them completely turned off, saying that "they don’t understand the spirit of what New York used to be," which is why the pop up is thriving. Either way, you can expect to see legions of scenesters and party promoters scouring every restaurant in the FiDi, Chinatown, K Town and Curry Hill looking for the next crappy restaurant that would make the kiddies go crazy. As for Simonez Wolf, the impresario behind Madame Wong's, he is keeping a list of where to move the party if the good times at Jobee ever permanently end (which they probably will with this bit of publicity), including the top of the Marriott Maquis. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that one.
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Madame Wong's

3 Howard Street, New York, NY