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New Roma Pizza, SOS Chef, Teriyaki Boy, and More Shutter

Welcome back to the weekly Friday Shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2011_06_newromashuttered.jpg1) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie learns that New Roma Pizza, a staple for late night eats on Delancey and Allen, is not closed for renovations. It's closed for good. The owner told a tipster last week that they were forced to close due to renovations for the building and they probably won't reopen. [BB]

2) Lower East Side: And nearby American Choice Deli is closing as Chase bank expands. [BB]

3) East Village: EV Grieve reports that Teriyaki Boy on East 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Aves. has closed. [EVG]

4) Upper West Side: Closed for Business notes that New Pizza Town, a classic slice joint that has operated on Broadway and 78th for over 30 years, closed last Friday. And "Rumor is, a 22-story apartment building will be erected on this site, connected to the building that went up over the comedy club on 78th." [Closed for Business]

5) East Village: Chef supply store and gourmet shop SOS Chef is closed over on Avenue B between 6th and 7th. [EVG]
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New Roma Pizza

116 Delancey St., New York, NY