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Patrick Duffy Leaves BES, Plans New Members-Only Roof Club (With Update)

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Update: See below for update.

As Steve Lewis mentioned earlier this week, restaurateur and art and party world figure Patrick Duffy has split with the other owners of his restaurant BES (Boutique Eat Shop) over in Chelsea. He tells Eater it was due to "irreconcilable differences and poor management" and that he no longer wants to be associated with the place. Since he owns the trademark to the name, he expects the restaurant to change names or close any day now. But there's a silver lining here.

Duffy reveals he's taking the brand and opening a new project nearby. Called BES Beach & Bocce Club, the new spot will be located on the roof of the Chelsea Art Museum. It will be a private, contribution-based members club with cocktails by Albert Trummer (Duffy is the creative director of Trummer's Theater Bar) and food from chef Hong Thaimee. It will have an open-air donation-based bocce court, live performances, and rotating art installations. Membership will be free, but contributions will support the Jean Miotte Foundation and the Chelsea Art Museum.

And that's not all. Duffy is also planning to open a restaurant with chef Hong called Ngam, but details are still scarce as to when and where. The new BES is currently set to open on July 1.

Update: The other owners of BES have written in with some comments. They note that Duffy only owned five percent of the restaurant and that they retain the trademark. They write that they will not be changing the name and it is in no danger of closing, adding "Business has never been better, and over the last month and since BES was opened, we made a profit...In response to his future endeavors. We wish him well. He was never able to bring a dime of investors into our restaurant."

Oh and one more thing, "We are also open for lunch!"
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