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Oceana's Ben Pollinger Launches Lobster Roll Stand

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Saying there's a lobster roll glut in New York may be an understatement at this point. Over the past year, little lobster roll shack Luke's Lobster has expanded with three new locations—the Financial District opens today, suits— and a truck. Red Hook Lobster Pound now has trucks in both DC and Midtown Manhattan. Tasting Table is throwing a Lobster Roll Rumble next week, and a new outfit called Lots o' Lobstah will operate at street fairs.

Now, a high-end chef is entering the fray. Ben Pollinger, Executive Chef at Midtown seafood palace Oceana, writes in to report that he's teaming up with his lobster vendor at the restaurant, Homarus, to launch a lobster roll stand at street fairs and markets this summer. The Homarus Lobster Roll stand will serve three different lobster rolls, all served on a griddled split bun for $15: The Classic Maine Lobster roll (lobster meat tossed with a lobster mayo), The Connecticut Hot Roll (lobster meat warmed in melted butter, sprinkled with sea salt), and The Saigon Lobster Banh Mi (lobster meat tossed with sweet chili sauce and served with strips of cucumber, daikon and carrots and cilantro).

They'll be in Manhattan this Saturday at Third Avenue around 80th Street and in Brooklyn on on June 11 at the 7th Avenue Street Fair.
· Homarus [Official Site]

Third Ave. Street Fair

3rd Ave. and 80th St., New York, NY