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Neighbors Face Off Against Lyon Owner over Tree Stump

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What's the latest nuisance ruining the quality of life of West Villagers?

A tree stump. Well, a tree stump and a sidewalk cafe.

When a tree went missing outside newish (and well reviewed) French restaurant Lyon, neighbors accused the owner Francois Latapie of cutting it down to make way for his new sidewalk cafe. When they discovered that the city cut down the tree—it was dying—and Latapie simply removed the stump and paved over the tree pit (which was filling up with garbage), they were just as furious. Apparently, he also removed Belgian blocks surrounding the pit, which had been paid for and put in place by the block association, and one neighbor "thinks Latapie is removing part of the neighborhood’s history and beauty." They're also accusing him of removing a trash bin that was on the corner "to make his restaurant more appealing" and complain that the restaurant's patrons talk and smoke outside their windows.

Latapie has petitioned the city for a new tree and promises to return the Belgian blocks.
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