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GunBar's Tattoo Parlor Seems Like Very Bad Idea

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Image courtesy of Kirill Was Here

Bars with video games? That's pretty standard. Bars mixed with barber shops? A little bit of a stretch, but it's not hurting anyone. A bar with its own tattoo parlor? Now that seems to be crossing a line.
But alas, last night's super VIP opening at GunBar revealed that the new dive bar themed lounge in the MePa also features a real working tattoo parlor. There are probably a million reasons why this is not a good idea, and 95% of those are sanitary related. But if you want a tattoo, why not get one in a cheesy, half assed concept lounge that will most likely not be there in 18 months. GunBar 4eva!
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55 Gansevoort Street, New York, New York 10014


55 Gansevoort St., New York, NY

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