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Top 10 Zinger Tweets from Michelin's NYC Reviewers

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Ever notice that the Michelin Guide reviewer that runs the @MichaelinNYC twitter account gets a little saucy at times? There's a lot of vanilla praise for the likes of A Voce, Edi & The Wolf, and M. Wells, but it's much more fun when he or she gets to complaining. Either way, it's a pretty decent feed, given these folks go out to restaurants constantly and keep the tweets solely food-focused. See the best complaints below:

10) Service in general: "for the LOVE pls stop asking me “how is everything?” one of these days I’m gonna tell u full mouth and all."

9) 9) The National: "Didn’t see much @TheNationalNYC although my neighbor’s burger looked a lot more tasty than my rabbit pasta."

8) Keens: "At Keens Steakhouse, I’m drooling over the single malt collection in the bar but the surly bartender is killing my buzz."

7) Various Indian spots: "Why does the service suck so much at all the upscale Indian restaurants except Tamarind Tribeca? Tulsi, Junoon, Devi?."

6): Sommelier service: "hey mr. snotty sommelier, there’s a lot of women who know just as much as you about wine. or more."

5) Ciano: "Being anonymous, the servers @cianonyc weren't aware of my abandonment issues, but their bickering was entertaining."

4): Sommelier service: "hey waiter I am so NOT that middle aged suit a few tables away chatting you up about the menu and cali cabs that you’re ignoring me for."

3): Ciano again: "Crazy bad din at #Ciano. Service a big old mess and focaccia served so burnt was inedible. Typical or off pm - what say you?"

2): New York Central: "If the former NoMI chef spent less time on a MacBook in the dining room & more time in the kitchen, the food at New York Central may improve."

1): Four Seasons: "The Four Seasons Restaurant is cheap for lunch if you don't grasp the concept of currency, but the scene is priceless."


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