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Online Deals Business Finally Goes Nightlife With Poggled

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Another day, another online coupon company. But this time, a start up has taken the Groupon, Living Social, Blackboard Eats business model and applied it to nightlife with Poggled, offering deals for half priced drinks and discounted bottle service at bars and clubs. Like with Groupon, Poggled users can find deals via their smart phone, and the app syncs well with Facebook and Twitter. The good news is that Poggled has just launched in New York City. The bad news is that most of the deals, like $500 for three bottles of vodka at Studio XXI or 50% off five drinks at Nurse Bettie aren't very exciting, and it seems doubtful that the quality of the deal will ever improve to cover a night at a top level venue. Poggled plans to roll out to Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year. Happy shopping!
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