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Sutton Slams At Vermilion's 'Chopped & Iron Chef Tasting'

Today Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton publishes the rare joint post between his two blogs, The Price Hike and The Bad Deal, about Deathwatched Midtown restaurant At Vermilion. The Latin-Asian joint is currently serving a $120 "Chopped & Iron Chef Tasting,” which can be ordered at a 50% discount via Groupon. Sutton deems this dinner both a STRONG SELL, and a BAD DEAL. He explains:

· For $120, you don’t get any caviar, foie gras, Kobe beef, truffles, sea urchin, jamon iberico, or anything else that would seem to justify the cost.
· Instead, the five-course “ten element” menu gets you: fish tacos, a tandoori sandwich, three-way potato ravioli, a kebab dog, crab-watermelon steak and a “mystery” entree duo. “You don’t find out until you come to the restaurant,” the receptionist says. Would you pay $120 for this street food?
Without the discount, this is also NYC's "third most expensive 3-5 course menu." Sutton actually ate there last night, and notes that he was literally the only person in the room for most of his meal, and that the $60 surf-and-turf combo he ordered was measly, and gross.
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At Vermilion

480 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017