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Smorgasburg's Fancy Food Overshadowing Actual Greenmarket

Smorgasburg, the weekly food market and Brooklyn Flea spinoff that offers everything from fresh vegetables to baked goods, lobster rolls, ice cream cones, heirloom beans, and kombucha, has received a fair amount of attention since it opened on the Williamsburg waterfront last month. But anyone who has attended the market can attest to the fact that most people are there for the prepared eats, grappling with the lines to try BLTs, porchetta sandwiches, papusas, sesame noodles, and cheese-filled hot dogs. Where to get some fresh air after the feast: over by the no man's land Greenmarket. Which is exactly why David Sherman, the manager of the market, emailed in asking to get some attention for the actual farmers at this food market.

Says Sherman, "While the Smorgasburg has been getting a lot of press and having big turn outs, it is hard for our farmers' local kale to compete with a kimchee hot dog. We at the Greenmarket are still trying to build a loyal neighborhood customer base to do their grocery shopping at the market." So, to help a guy out, and perhaps educate those Williamsburgers (who by the way, have a successful Greenmarket right by McCarren Park already) on what's out there, a list of what's on offer:

Jersey Fresh Farm - Hunterdon County, NJ
Farmer Hector Perez majored in agriculture at university in Mexico before moving to the US and managing farms in New Jersey. In 2007, Hector started his own farm with support from the New Farmer Development Project. Now Hector has a beautiful farm where he grows an impressive variety of veggies, fruits, berries, and plants. His farm is famous for its beautiful and delicious produce.

Red Jacket Orchards - Ontario County, NY
Red Jacket Orchard is a 6th generation family farm in the Finger Lakes. They grow an immense variety of apples, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries. RJO is also known for their beloved farm fresh juices.

Hudson Valley Duck - Sullivan County, NY
One of the last NY duck farms, Hudson Valley Duck sells free range, fresh duck, along with amazing duck goods like smoked duck and duck bacon. They even have a unique breed of duck called Lola, prized by chefs and eaters alike.

Grady’s Farm - Dutchess County, NY
Although Grady’s Farm just started in 2010, farmer Michael Robertson has an abundance of experience growing veggies and raising animals. Prior to starting this venture, he managed the Queen’s County Farm. At this stand you’ll find only the highest quality eggs, veggies, and pork. Grady’s is proud to be no spray, having a deep respect for the land and animals that provide such delicious food.

The Grange - Queens County, NY
The Grange is the rooftop farm in Long Island City that you’ve probably heard people talking about. Farmer Ben Flanner harvests minutes before market, and with the quickest commute of any Greenmarket farmer, the produce at the stand is as fresh as picking from your backyard!

Nature’s Way Farm - Chemung County, NY
One of the longest standing Greenmarket farms, Nature’s Way’s honey has been sweetening Brooklyn’s tea and toast for 20 years. Collected in the Finger Lakes region, apiarist Joel Klose’s honey is known for its many distinctive colors, flavors and aroma's.

Consider Bardwell Farm- Rutland County, VT
Consider Bardwell Farm creates amazing fresh and raw aged cheeses both from goat and cows milk. These award winning cheeses can be found on the menus of some of NYC’s best restaurants. Their cheeses are always delicious and inspired. Consider Bardwell Farm is proud to be Animal Welfare Approved.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen – Columbia County, NY
Before using local farm produce was trendy, Beth Linskey was making her fantastic jams, jellies, pickles and chutneys from the bounty of our Greenmarket farmers. Each jar is filled with tasty, sustainable berries, peppers, fruits and love.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy - Columbia County, NY
Ronnybrook is a New York City institution, but still one of the only independent family run dairies left in the state. The Ronnybrook family has been milking cows in the Hudson Valley for nearly 70 years. Their milk, butter, yogurts and ice creams come from closed herd, grass fed, free range cows. Happy cows make for happy customers.

Roaming Acres - Sussex County, NY
Greenmarket’s only ostrich and emu farm. Roaming Acres is a family farm, raising ostrich from start to finish – they collect, incubate, hatch, and raise these free ‘prehistoric’ animals. They also farm bison and Berkshire pork. Tasting is believing!

Cato Corner Farm - New London County, CT
Cato Corner Farm has some seriously tasty, unique and sometimes stinky aged, raw cows milk cheese. With 20 different cheeses on the menu, Cato Corner is an inspiring family farm.

Body & Soul – New York County, NY
Started by chef and restaurant owner Deb Gavito, Body & Soul bakery features local produce in 100% vegan baked goods and savory snacks.

Divine Brine - Suffolk County, NY
Chef Robert Shaffer makes fantastic pickles and chutneys using everything from cucumbers and beets to peaches and apples, all sourced from local farmers and sometimes his own home garden. His culinary background and fresh ingredients make his unique pickles quite a treat.

Hot Bread Kitchen -NY County, NY
Specializing in multi-ethnic breads and baked goods, HBK is a non-profit bakery and social enterprise that enhances the future for foreign-born women while preserving baking traditions. Offering fresh breads baked with traditional recipes from around the world, they bake with local grains and organic ingredients.

King Ferry Winery - Cayuga County, NY
A farm and a winery, King Ferry is a family business that features a diverse list of sustainable local wines. Their delicate vinifera grapes are hand-tended and selectively picked to produce extremely complex and full-flavored wines. Their Treleaven Chardonnays are crafted in the centuries-old Burgundian tradition. Stop by for a sample!

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