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Juice Press, Burger House Certified Open; Potbelly Tomorrow

1) Financial District: Separate tipsters report and a call to the shop confirms that Potbelly Sandwich Works, a sandwich shop from Chicago that is a bit of an institution out there, is opening its Financial District location tomorrow and is in friends and family service today. The East 17th St. and Midtown East locations should open later this year. To prep for a lunch run tomorrow, see their menus here. Status: Opening tomorrow; 101 Maiden Ln., 646-289-4201.

2) East Village: EV Grieve notices that juice and smoothie shop Juice Press opened on Saturday. Note that they won't have smoothies until the end of the month for some reason. More info on them here. Status: Certified Open; 279 East 10th St.

3) Lower East Side: Zagat attends the opening of Hotel Chantelle's new rooftop lounge. The second floor, rooftop bar features a large retractable roof and a large outdoor patio. Status: Certified Open; 92 Ludlow Street, 212-254-9100.

4) Greenwich Village : Fork in the Road checks out the newly opened Burger House, a "zen grill" on 820 Broadway that serves Korean-influenced burgers and sandwiches. And early assessment: "the burger patty itself was rather flat and had been griddled. It was cooked a bit longer than we would have liked, and thus tasted overly dry. However, the shop was doling out samples of its bulgogi burger ($6.45), which was much more flavorful and juicy than the ground beef patty." Status: Certified Open; 820 Broadway, 212-677-8282.


101 Maiden Ln., New York, NY