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Cascabel, Earl of Sandwich, Sigma Burger Pie Coming Soon

Earl of Sandwich coming to 52nd near 6th Ave.
Earl of Sandwich coming to 52nd near 6th Ave.

1) Midtown: Photographer Will Femia gets a plywood shot of a new location of Korean fried chicken joint Bon Chon, coming soon 2nd Ave near 51st. He also grabs a shot of Earl of Sandwich, a new location of a sandwich chain opening soon in Midtown. [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: Food and Things buzzed that Cascabel, the Upper East Side Mexican spot, is set to open its’ new outpost in the next couple of days. The locale will find itself in the Upper West Side and at a convenient distance for Columbia University students. [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: Above, some new plywood shots of the 48 and 50 Carmine, which was most recently the home to Cabrito and the Zak Pelaccio pop-up. [PLYWOOD]

4) Bowery 2.0: EV Grieves gets a shot inside the steakhouse-diner hybrid from Motorino mastermind Mathieu Palombino and his partner Dimitri Vlahakis on the ground-floor of the Sunshine Hotel. They should be up and running this summer, but it looks like a slow start.[PLYWOOD]

5) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reveals that E&E Grill, a self-proclaimed "genuine, approachable, neighborhood grill house for everyone," will be opening its doors at 233 West 49th street between 7th and 8th avenues.[PLYWOOD]

6) Greenwich Village: According to DNAinfo, the Apple Cafe Bakery will have its world premier within the next two months. Alhagie Jallow is a native of Gambia. This will be his first solo venture and he is excited to introduce some new desserts to the American palate. The international bakery will be taking over the former Is-Wine shop on W 8th Street.[PLYWOOD]

7) West Village: The Indulgent New York is thrilled to announce that Sam Bahri’s Steakhouse will be arriving to the west village this June. The coveted spot was formerly home to Da Silvano’s offshoot Scuderia, and the new restaurant will feature oysters, tartar, and lobsters. [PLYWOOD]

8) Hell's Kitchen: Life with food and drink informs us with some concern, that Patron Mexican Grill will be opening in Hell’s Kitchen. According to the post, this spot has been home to four-plus restaurants/bars in four years leading the blogger to believe Patron may be short-lived. [PLYWOOD]

9) Greenwich Village: EV Grieve takes the arrival of fratastic Sigma Burger Pie as a sign of the coming apocalypse. [PLYWOOD]

10) Murray Hill: Zagat reports that Bread & Tulips, a 70 seat Italian restaurant, will open in Murray Hill next week at 365 Park Ave. South. [POST-PLYWOOD]

11) : The Times reports that Barraca and Melibea, two new Spanish spots from the owners of Rayuela and Macondo, will open in the West Village this fall: "Barraca will serve tapas and paella, and Melibea will bring guest chefs from Spain to prepare regional dishes in a more formal setting." Barraca is at 81 Greenwich Avenue, and Melibea is at 2 Bank Street. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

12) Harlem: Harlem Condo Life learns that Harlem Tavern, an anxiously awaited very large spot up there, will open next week. [POST-PLYWOOD]

13) Flatiron: Mad Park News reports that Shorty's, the cheesesteak spot is opening soon at 66 Madison Avenue. [PLYWOOD]


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