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Painkiller (PKNY) Shuttered Once Again by DOH

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Earlier this month, popular Lower East Side tiki den Painkiller suffered two serious blows. First, they were forced to change their official name to PKNY following a lawsuit filed by Pusser's Rum. Then they were hit with a 101 point DOH inspection report, shuttering the place temporarily.

Well, the DOH came back. Last night. At 10 PM. The new DOH report is not yet online, but an Eater tipster was there to see the whole thing go down. His report:

We got to Painkiller around 10:45 and the DOH man was outside with a laptop. So they didn't let us in right away, but eventually they let us inside to meet our friends. Then, suddenly, they kicked everyone out (but offered us free shots). It was funny, because the DOH guy was preparing green (not yellow) notices for the window right next to us. When we left I asked the bouncer what happened and he claimed it was because they didn't renew their license.
Could it really be a technicality—something to do with paperwork and the new name?—or are there still in 100+ violation territory? Calls have been placed to PKNY for more info.
· Tiki Bar Painkiller Gets a New Name, Terrible DOH Rating [~ENY~]


49 Essex St., New York, NY