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Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton Samples Costco Apocalypse Food

Gizmodo bought many boxes of Shelf Reliance's Thrive line of freeze-dried foods (to eat in the event of an apocalypse), and had Bloomberg critic, and price hike watcher, Ryan Sutton sample the goods, on camera. In the video, he says he likes the carrots okay, and thinks the pancakes are alright, but deems most of the rest inedible. He also offers his ideal doomsday meal:

I would spend the $800 at Per Se instead of eating this junk. But that's because I'm a food critic....Per Se would be one of my last meals in New York, because you have this beautiful view of Central Park South, so god forbid if you're actually there during a nuclear explosion, you could see the big fireball coming towards you, which would be a nice dramatic effect.
Sutton remains completely anonymous throughout the clip, and swigs Elijah Craig bourbon the entire time.

Here's a preview clip:

Head to Gizmodo for the full video.
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