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Dave Chang's Magazine Lucky Peach Debuts Today

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David Chang and Peter Meehan's new quarterly magazine with McSweeeney's, Lucky Peach, hits newsstands today. The magazine, which spans 175 pages without advertisements, is the literary counterpart to the team's upcoming iPad ap of the same name. It goes for $10 a copy and can be found on newsstands, at bookstores, or through McSweeny's store.

The first issue focuses on ramen and is really an immense piece of work. It includes a travelogue of a trip to Japan, an essay by Japan's famous white, Jewish, ex-New Yorker ramen chef, a Ruth Reichl instant ramen taste test, recipes, and stories from John T. Edge and Harold McGee. Perhaps most interesting to New York restaurant obsessives, it includes a long dialogue between Chang, wd~50's Wylie Dufresne, and Anthony Bourdain, where they somewhat bitterly discuss the state of the restaurant world, the proliferation of mediocre restaurants, the problem with the whole farm to table obsession, how fucked up the 40 hour workweek is, and how lazy cooks coming out of culinary school are. So, pretty much rainbows and kittens all the time. Find more info here.
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