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Alan Richman Calls New York Restaurant Scene Predictable

In a new GQ article in the July issue, restaurant critic Alan Richman lauds the San Francisco restaurant scene while calling New York's "predictable." (The article is not online yet, but his 10 Best Dishes in San Francisco listicle is.) Obviously to rile people up, Richman opens with "New York hasn't had much of a century once you get past David Chang." He continues:

These days, ambition among promising chefs is defined as campaigning to get on Top Chef. Our new restaurants seem to specialize in big-butt Italian cooking, big-bucks burgers, white-trash southern cooking, non-pizzaiolo pizza, and formulaic empire-building. Let me tell you how desperate things have gotten: Chefs are coming down from Montreal to teach us New Yorkers how to eat, and they're doing a good job of it.
Zing! That said, he goes on to say that Paul Liebrandt, Daniel Humm, April Bloomfield, and Cesar Ramirez are doing pretty ok jobs. But not as good as what they're apparently doing over in San Francisco, "where restaurants of ambition and imagination are opening." Read more over on Eater National.
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