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Interior of NYC's Maxim's Location Sold 11 Years After Shutter

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11 years after the restaurant closed to the public, the interior of Maxim's is being taken apart and sold. The restaurant, which opened on 61st and Madison in 1985, was an outpost of the famed Parisian belle époque cafe founded in the 1890's. The latest owner Pierre Cardin expanded the brand to Japan, China, and the U.S., but the NYC location—known as extravagantly expensive—shuttered in 2000, a year after critic William Grimes called it a tired dowager.

A year ago, the hotel that housed the restaurant space, the Helmsley Carlton House, was sold and set to convert into a residential building. And now it's finally time to dismantle the restaurant. Evan Blum of Demolition Depot tells The Post, "We are hoping [it] will be bought by someone who will appreciate it in its entirety."
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680 Madison Ave., New York, NY