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Dream Downtown Pool Lounge Preps For June Opening

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Opening in the next few weeks is the Dream Downtown Hotel, the Chatwal family's latest project for their flagship hotel brand. While everyone already knows about Romera New York, the hotel's restaurant that will feature a $245 prixe fixe menu helmed by Dr. Miguel Sánchez Romera, it's now time to start peeling back the curtain on some of the nightlife spaces that are being operated by Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss's Strategic Group and will be ready when the hotel starts to welcome its first paying guests around June 20th. First up is the pool lounge, which is situated on the lobby roof in between the hotel's two towers on 16th and 17th Streets, and not on top of the towers as was previously reported. The pool will be for the hotel's guests during the afternoon, and will transition into a lounge at 5:30 PM that will be open to the public.

The pool area will have its own bar and its own check in area in the lobby for customers to keep them separate from the hotel's overnight guests. Expect this to operate much more like a Las Vegas style pool lounge than a more haphazard operation like the Gansevoort's pool a few blocks away. Meanwhile, you can also get from the lobby to the pool by the pretty staircase seen above, or if you don't feel like heading up there but want to check out the action, feel free to head to the lobby bar and look up, because you can see through the lobby ceiling into the pool. Wowsa!

While the area immediately surrounding the pool is standard deck, the eastern area of the pool will be filled with sand to create a mini beach. Some of the second floor hotel rooms will also have direct access to the pool, something that may prove problematic if a party goer wants to escape from the sun by crashing in your hotel room. Anyway, that's not our problem.

This is just one of the projects that Strategic has planned for the Dream Downtown, although a rep said the others, including the roof lounge that apparently features a view to rival the Boom Boom Room, are not quite ready for visitors. They better finish up soon, because the guests will be showing up any minute.
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