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Party To End All Parties Coming To Williamsburg Laundromat

You may have thought that the era of parties in laundromats peaked sometime after the movie Singles was released in 1992, but great ideas never go away forever. That's why the party to end all parties will be happening tomorrow night at the Metropolitan Laundromat in Chuck E. Cheesed out neighborhood of Williamsburg, where you can party all night long at the Dirty Disco Laundrette.

For the low, low price of $76, you get an open bar, the option of having the barstaff wash the clothes you are wearing, a hand-made laundrette-themed photobooth, and 2nd Skin body painters airbrushing suds and bubbles on bare body parts. Now that's a deal! Tickets are available here. Buy now or miss out forever!
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Metropolitan Laundromat

561 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211