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Nightlife Notebook: Welcoming Madame Wong's, Pulqueria

CHINATOWN— Surprise, surprise. Madame Wong's, the semi underground party thrown by Simonez Wolf at a Chinese restaurant has returned, just one week after the NYPD shut the party down. It seemed like the party was done for good, especially after the restaurant's liquor license lapsed. But the license has now been returned to active and the parties started up again last week. [EaterWire]

CHINATOWN— Heather Tierney's conquest of Doyers Street continues with the opening of Pulqueria, her new tequila centric bar that will begin hosting private parties later this week. The space used to be a Vietnamese restaurant and hosted some pretty wild parties circa 2008 and 2009. Tierney got Community Board approval for the project in 2009, and will not include Albert Trummer for obvious reasons. [EaterWire]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— The day you've been waiting for is finally here. That's right STK's rooftop is finally ready to open this Thursday, June 16, offering unrivaled views of taller roof bars and restaurants in the neighborhood and STK's unique steakhouse experience. More information is on their Facebook page. [Twitter]

LOWER EAST SIDE— If there is any bar that seems safe from the NYPD's recent nightlife crackdown, it seems that the re-creation of a German beer saloon at the Tenement Museum is it. The remnants of the saloon were found buried beneath the building at 97 Orchard Street, revealing a business operated by a married couple between 1864 and 1886, and was most likely shut down when the newly arrived immigrants complained about the noise on weekends. [Gothamist]

EAST VILLAGE— Mars Bar's final day may be June 30, so if you've always dreamed of having a drink in a real, authentic, East Village bar, you better make plans to do so in the next few weeks. [EV Grieve]

Mars Bar

25 E 1st Street, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website

Madame Wong's

3 Howard Street, New York, NY