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Brooklyn Beer Crawl; Chefs' Father's Day Picks

FATHER'S DAY— For Father's Day, Zagat asks a bunch of dad chefs where they like to take their kids. [Zagat]

WILLIAMSBURG— The Brewers Association recently announced there are now more breweries in the US than before Prohibition. To celebrate, Beer Menus is hosting a Williamsburg beer bar crawl. [Beer Menus]

LAUNCHES & RELEASESCity Maps is a new site that offers an interactive map of your city with every business listed, along with real time updates from said business. So click on a business to find out about deals and giveaways, on a movie theater to buy tickets, and so on and so forth. Click here for a little tutorial. [EaterWire]

HOT TOPICS—Today, on Diner's Journal, Sam Sifton asks whether or not restaurants should be serving bluefin tuna, whether or not diners should be eating it, and whether or not, as a critic, it's his duty to eat it should it be on the menu. [DJ]