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The Early Word on The Lot On Tap Under the High Line

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The Lot on Tap, an al fresco restaurant collaboration between Colicchio & Sons and Friends of the Highline, opened to the public last week along with Section 2's big debut. The space, with seating for 350, features beer and wine offerings as well as food from an assortment of rotating food trucks. What did early responders think of the ticketing system, the food on offer, the initial prices? Read on to find out.

The Hippyish News: DNA Info spoke to some vendors and guests at The Lot on Tap. Here are her findings: "It’s kind of hippy, easy," said Andrea Cassiolato, 32. "It’s like Brooklyn." Says another, "The lobster roll was good — but I’d say it needs to be healthier, like no mayonnaise." One more: "It’s great, but I wish you didn’t have to wait in line twice—to get tickets, then to get food?I’d come if I happened to walk by, but I wouldn’t make it a destination." [DNA Info]

The Bad News: The Yelp reviews are mostly positive, but a bit of a mixed bad. Here's one detractor: "Great location by the newly opened phase 2 of the Highline. so it's a great place to start or end if you intend to walk the new phase (which is great). However, we were disappointed by the food choices. There is only a pathetic falafel truck and a dumpling truck (the dumplings are heated in a oven and definitely nothing like an authentic chinese dumpling). Where are my bratwursts and frankfurters and pork knuckles?? I do not think any of those count as real food. Mr Colicchio, I expected much more!!" [Yelp]

The Good News: A fellow Yelper, who perhaps went on a different day, wasn't as disappointed: "A fun outdoor place to drink in the sun without the hassle of waiting on line at the frying pan. Sure you're actually in a lot, and under the high line rather than elevated by the water, but the beers are good (Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster), the food is good (Taim and the Taco Truck were there last weekend), and you can even bring your kids without feeling bad about drinking because of AOL's big play area right next to the lot. Recommended for an outing with friends!" [Yelp]

The Inefficient But Pretty Okay News: Midtown Lunch isn't impressed with the ordering system but likes the food truck offerings: "At the entry to The Lot, an orange box of a ticket booth sells tickets for the food and drink inside. Like FoodParc, none of the vendors accept cash, but this isn’t exactly explicit when you walk in. I ended up standing in line and ordering food and having to run back to the booth to get the appropriate number of tickets. This obviously leads to a bit of a bottleneck, as the booth only has two windows...The torta ($8 +$1 for queso oaxaca) was packed tight with shredded beef, beans, crema, avocado, smokey chipotle salsa and fiery pickled jalapeños. It was pretty wonderful and quite filling...Food trucks are everywhere these days, you certainly don’t need to go to the west side to get nearly anything that’s available at The Lot. Still, if you’re like me and drawn to The Highline’s creative space and want to enjoy it on the lunch break, The Lot offers a good meal to go with it. I know I’ll be back." [ML]

The Awesome News: Loving Life NYC has a wonderful time and loves the vibe: "It’s an awesome space with a great vibe. Not too crowded. Very casual. Cheap-ish beer ($7) and food ($5). It was absolutely impossible to be in a bad mood." [Loving Life NYC]

More Good News: So far, the two tips on Foursquare are positive: "Great summer addition -- like the Standard but less Meatpacking-y" and "Try sixpoints the crisp for the ridiculously hot summer days." [Foursquare]

Update: The Lot on Tap peeps want to note that that tickets are for the drinks only, not for the food.

The Lot on Tap

30th St. and 10th Ave., New York, NY