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Sumo Wrestling Themed Dohyo Opens in the Yotel Hotel

Dining area of Dohyo
Dining area of Dohyo
[Krieger, 6/13/11]

Tomorrow, the complete food and beverage operations at the weird and wacky and very purple Yotel hotel open to the public over on 10th Ave. in Hell's Kitchen. As mentioned in the preview, the fourth floor of the hotel offers four options: a Latin-Asian small plates restaurant called DohYO, which was designed after a sumo wrestling ring, an outdoor terrace that is touted to be the biggest in a city hotel, a small hallway of lounge tables, and a large, open cafe that transforms into a nightclub and that is ringed with private rooms.

Recall that DohYO is the one with the sunken seats within a raised platform and retractable tables that will be lowered for weekend performances after dinner service. But the main draw of the group here will be TERRACE (their capitalization, not ours), because, well, it's big and outdoors and there are things to drink and eat and fake fire pits and cabanas.
· DohYo Menu [PDF]
· Terrace Menu [PDF]

570 10th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen


570 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10036