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Paul Liebrandt Documentary Premieres Tonight on HBO

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A Matter of Taste, a documentary covering ten years in the career of Corton chef Paul Liebrandt, premieres tonight on HBO at 9 PM. It glimpses the highs and lows of a decade in his life, including getting fired, earning reviews both good (Atlas) and bad (Gilt), flipping burgers, consulting for beverage companies, and earning his Michelin stars. It also includes some appearances by new breakout star Spencer (his Chihuahua and a kind of manic Drew Nieporent.

Eater National has some clips and a q&a with the chef, where he reveals if he thinks Corton should get re-reviewed, discusses the hardship of being a British chef in New York, and explains why the film will resonate outside of the food world, noting, "It's not a food film. It's not a film about a restaurant. It's not that. It's about a young person making their way in life. And it just happens that I cook and there's food."
· Paul Liebrandt on A Matter of Taste, His Chihuahua Spencer, and How Everyone Is a Critic [Eater National]
· A Matter of Taste [HBO]


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