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Hotspot of Yore Bungalow 8 Will Become an Art Gallery

Art Info reports that art dealer Paul Kasmin has taken over the old Bungalow 8 space, a Chelsea club that was a nightlife world hotspot for a spell in the early aughts before Club Row met its demise. He's going to open it soon as a new art gallery. Check out how it looked on a recent walk through:

To wit, the photo murals of the Beverly Hills Hotel pool had been ripped from the walls, the palm trees are slumped over in various states of decay, and the iconic booths and neon green lattice below the glass roof appeared to be rotting amidst the flotsam of nightclub detritus: matchbooks, membership cards, bottles of liquor bearing former proprietor Amy Sacco's name. An old game of Clue was sitting in pieces on a half-shattered cocktail table.
Not pretty.?? But hey, at least with this opening and the forthcoming Hotel Americano, there's hope for new life on the far reaches 27th Street.
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Bungalow 8

515 West 27th St., New York, NY