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The Five Best Comments on Eater this Week

Welcome to Saturday Night Five, where we shine a light on the best quips, barbs, burns, and nuggets of truth from Eater NY commenters.

Here's this week's cream of the crop:

5) An anonymous commenter on the home run ball that almost hit Drew Nieporent:

Good Catch. I think the crowd was chanting "Dreeewwwwww" not "Booooooo."
4) Gargupie reacts to the critical cats saying lines from Sifton's latest review:
These quotes are a disservice to these adorable kittens.

3) Pocoapoco offers some perspective on the Rockaway-themed McDonald's ad that was pulled:

I saw one of these McDonalds ads in New Jersey, something about Where We Pump Our Fists, But Not Our Gas. (note to non-motorists: there's no self-serve option at NJ gas stations).
2) An anonymous commenter finds fault with one particular detail of Sifton's Imperial No. 9 review:
"And lobes of dismal-flavored sea urchin served over thick lardo and heavy toast were just dreadful: the eighth band after Nirvana to write loud-soft-loud music and call it new. "

Uhh....Sam, remember that Nirvana was scorned for having ripped off The Pixies in this regard - get your musical history straight!

1) Ryno comments on Ryan Skeen's latest move:
A pop-up chef at a pop-up restaurant. Finally, he fits.
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