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Read the Wacky Origin Story of LES Newcomer Louie & Chan

The future exterior.
The future exterior.

Bowery Boogie mentions today that new restaurant and bar Louie & Chan is coming soon to 303 Broome Street from the owners of Grotto. It's going to be a 65 seat Italian restaurant with a 20 seat private dining room, a 35 seat downstairs lounge (with an "Asian opium den environment"), and a music room and club with a capacity for 125.

Most interesting about this place, however, is the 16 page investor booklet/brochure, easily found online and downloadable here. It explains the origin story of one Luigi “Louie” Russo (a cobbler) and Tu Sing Chan (a tall man in the circus), the supposed immigrant (and fictional) friends who inspired the place. It explains:

By 1924 the two men were frustrated with the times and quite weary of their individual pursuits. Louie had a dream of bringing some of his family recipes to the new world. Chan, no stranger to the long nights of the circus, wanted to escape prohibition with a speakeasy for his friends. On a fall afternoon in 1925 the two men stumbled down Broome Street for a walk and chat after leaving a Ludlow speakeasy. Upon cross-ing over Eldridge Street they noticed an empty storefront with basement. The two men took a breath and then decided to look inside. The idea was hatched...Louie & Chan was born!How...romantic? Please do see the photos of the title characters above. Nonsense aside, the place will serve pizzas out of a wood-burning oven, salads, homemade pastas, and meat and fish. The lounge will have an open fireplace, and the club will feature guest DJs and musicians from around the world. The brochure states: "Louie & Chan, a place where everyone is welcome; a place to rejoice, dine, and listen; a place inspired by the neighborhood it is set in, created as an homage to the people and stories that have populated the Lower East Side for the past century."
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