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Own Your Own New York Nightclub Via Auction

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Image courtesy of DJ Suhel via Twitter

Have you been waiting for your chance to jump feet first into the New York nightclub game but don't feel like putting in the time or effort to secure a location, come up with a design, and then deal with the fit out needed to actually open a nightclub? Here is an opportunity for you. Restaurant auction house Michael Amodeo & Co. is auctioning off the former Quo nightclub this Thursday, and the lucky buyer will get the now closed club's entire soundsystem, bars, furniture, walk in coolers, and everything else you would want or need to run your own C-list nightclub. In case you forgot, Quo was once run by Gary Malhotra, who ran into some trouble after being convicted of allegedly shoving a waitress into a closet one night to do blow off of her booty. Hopefully your time at the space will end better than his did!
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511 W. 28th St., New York, NY