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A Revamp for South Brooklyn Pizza; Michael White's Last Meal

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CARROLL GARDENSSouth Brooklyn Pizza in Carroll Gardens has removed its brick oven and added a bunch of game tables to the space, transforming the pizza joint into a family friendly game room. Diners can still get pie through the restaurant next door (they share ownership), but it will now be baked in a regular oven. [CGP]

JAMES BEARD ETC.Bon Appetit asks some of the James Beard nominees what they'd eat for a final meal (fried chicken and Dr. Pepper), what trends they hate, and what they drink after a shift. [BonAp]

THE MENU WAR—Apparently, many restaurants offer special discounts and freebies to doormen in fancy buildings who let them leave menus in the lobby. [Brick Underground via Curbed NY]
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South Brooklyn Pizza

451 Court Street New York, NY 11231

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